Jomtien Beach,

How To Get There


jomtien apartment for rent

A private taxi from Bangkok airport to your apartment in Jomtien Plaza will cost about 1500 baht for the two hour journey.

You can also get the airport bus from the international airport Suvarnabhumi to Jomtien for 120 baht, and from the bus station it is not far to Jomtien Plaza, only 10 baht in the songthaew taxi.

From U-Tapao airport it is 50 minutes in the mini-bus for 250 baht per person, delivered to the door of Jomtien Plaza.

You can fly to the closer airport with AIrAsia from Kuala Lumpur, Koh Samui, Phuket, Perth, Gold Coast and Melbourne.

We have reliable local contacts who can be your taxi driver to and and from the airport or anywhere else, rent you a speedboat, motorbike or jetksi without the usual dramas, and organize just about anything else you need.

Where to eat and drink around Jomtien Beach


many bars and restaurants inear your apartment n jomtien

If there is one thing that is easy it is finding something to eat near your apartment in Jomtien.

Many restaurants and cafes serving Western and Thai food line the beach road, and food carts with yummy Thai street food are everywhere for cheap tasty eats.

Many bars are found along the sois (alleys) heading inland from the beach.

Most of these do take aways and also the Seven-Eleven just across the street from your Jomtien condo sells take away meals so you can enjoy your meals on your condo balcony.

Walk along the beach to soi 7 and head inland, cross the road and you are on Rompo Market, a popular eating placce for both Thais and tourists with a huge choice in well priced foods and fruit shakes.

Medical facilities


Pattaya hospital is not far from your Jomtien apartment

The Bangkok Pattaya Hospital provides world class service.and is not far from your apartment in Jomtien Plaza Condotel.

Pharmacies and dentists can be found in the street just outside the door of your condo building, and you'll be pleasantly surprised how the prices at the dentist vary from your own country. Many people come to Thailand with the main purpose of getting their teeth done or other medical procedures.

Internet and phone


free wifi at jomtien beach

There is free Wifi available in nearly every bar, restaurant, and even on the beach where most of the beach vendors that hire the deck chairs have free Wifi for customers.

Jomtien Plaza Condotel has two public computers on the ground floor in the lobby, and they also sell prepaid Wifi but this works mostly in the lobby and does not reach up to the ninth floor.

For internet in your Jomtien apartment simply buy an internet gadget from companies like Truemove that will give you Wifi anywhere in Thailand through the mobile network.

If you need a mobile phone just walk across the street to the Seven Eleven on the corner to buy a phone and/or Thai SIM card, it's that easy!